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Healthcare reimbursements by churches over the past six months have been nearly eliminated by recent regulations announced by the government in relationship to the healthcare law.  Below is a link to a presentation recently updated by ECFA.


Please Note:

  • * The C&MA Health Plan is a qualified employer plan.  Reimbursements may be made to participants who are active on the C&MA Health Plan.
  • * If your church has only one full-time employee (30+ hrs week) the church is exempt from this regulation.
  • * The IRS has waived all reporting and penalties through June 30, 2015.  Churches must be compliant by July 1st or otherwise a $100/per day per employee penalty could be imposed by the IRS.

Thank you for your interest in the benefits provided through The Christian and Missionary Alliance health and retirement plans. We are pleased to share these frequently asked questions to aid you in understanding, accessing, changing, and utilizing the employee benefits.


Retirement Plan


Great-West Financial is now

Empower Retirement


Empower Participant Calculator


It's Retirement Time! Now What...


Wellness Profile Gift Cards

2015 Information


For new churches/employees


For changes (address, name, add/remove dependent, etc.)


Health Plan Fast Facts