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Health Benefits

We’re here to serve you like family with our competitive, cost effective group programs and benefits.

Healthcare Plan Overview

As a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family, there are many reasons why The Alliance is better together in fulfilling our mission to complete the Great Commission! As you minister in your Jerusalem, your Judea, your Samaria, and to the ends of the earth, Alliance Benefits is available to serve your healthcare and retirement needs.

Given the challenges that come with trying to understand today’s health-care industry, we’re better together! Rather than figure this complex issue out on your own, consider the advantages of participating in the Alliance Health Plan.

Why Choose Alliance Benefits

Biblical Values

At Alliance Benefits, we are proud to be guided by biblical values. These values, including compassion, respect, integrity, stewardship, and service, are the cornerstone of our mission. They shape how we design and administer our retirement and health benefit programs, ensuring they meet the unique needs of our participants. By upholding these principles, we honor God and serve The Christian and Missionary Alliance churches, supporting organizations, employees, and retirees with care and professionalism.

Alliance Family

As a Christ-centered family, we believe in the power of unity and collaboration. Together, as part of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, we are better equipped to fulfill our shared mission of spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth. We serve as a supportive network, providing retirement and health plan benefits to pastors and employees and supporting organizations within the Alliance family.

Competitive Group Rates

We are committed to providing competitive group rates that ensure access to quality health and retirement benefits for all members of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Our Alliance Health Plan offers a range of options, including Health Savings Account eligible High Deductible Health Plans, with tax-sheltered savings features and top-notch telemedicine services. Through our wellness incentive plan, Take A Healthy Step, members can earn rewards while prioritizing their health.

Family Services

At Alliance Benefits, we understand the importance of family. That’s why we offer comprehensive family services to support the health and well-being of our members and their loved ones. From telemedicine access and wellness programs to financial planning assistance and educational resources, we provide the tools and support needed for families to thrive. Whether accessing medical care from the comfort of your home or taking proactive steps toward better health, we’re here to help every step of the way.

2024 Plan Information

A church may join the plan any time throughout the year. We are excited to offer a plan based on biblical values that align with our sanctity of life worldview, dollars that stay in the Alliance family to care for your fellow pastors and staff members, and coverage available to you regardless of your circumstances or preexisting health conditions.

Thank you for entrusting us with your health-care needs. We value that trust and don’t take it lightly. If you have questions, please reach out to your Alliance Benefits team. We are here to help!


Comprehensive Coverage: Our plans offer comprehensive coverage, including medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug benefits, ensuring that all your healthcare needs are met under one umbrella.
Affordable Group Rates: We provide affordable group rates that make quality healthcare accessible to members of The Christian and Missionary Alliance community, helping you save on healthcare costs while receiving top-notch benefits.
Health Savings Account (HSA) Eligibility: Our Health Savings Account eligible High Deductible Health Plans come with tax-sheltered savings features, allowing you to set aside funds for medical expenses while enjoying potential tax benefits.
Telemedicine Services: Access to telemedicine services enables you to receive medical care conveniently from the comfort of your home, reducing the need for in-person visits and minimizing healthcare expenses.
Wellness Incentive Program: Our Take A Healthy Step program incentivizes members to prioritize their health by offering rewards for participating in wellness activities and making positive lifestyle changes, promoting overall well-being.
Family-Centered Services: We offer comprehensive family services that cater to the needs of the entire family unit, including 24/7 telemedicine access, wellness programs, financial planning assistance, and educational resources, fostering holistic well-being.
Professional Support: Our dedicated team is committed to providing professional support and guidance at every step, ensuring you have the assistance you need to navigate your healthcare and retirement benefits effectively.

These benefits and highlights exemplify our commitment to serving The Christian and Missionary Alliance community with excellence and integrity, empowering individuals and families to lead healthier, happier lives.


If you have questions as you read through the materials provided, please contact us.


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