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Participant Investments Reaches Milestone!

August 19, 2020 – Despite the recent market volatility and thanks to committed long-term investing, the Alliance Retirement Plan continues to increase. We are excited to announce that participant investments together have reached a noteworthy milestone of over $200 million! We celebrate this great news and praise God for His faithful provision. Read more

Plan Overview

One of the greatest privileges we have as a benefits team is to help those impacting lives for the Kingdom prepare for the future. It is an incredible honor to serve our churches, our pastors, our support staff, our districts, and others who are reaching a lost and hurting world today and also planning for whatever God has in store for them later.

While “retirement” may look different for you than it does for your friend or neighbor, the common thread is that it takes planning and preparation. The Alliance 403(b) Retirement Plan is a type of church retirement plan that has distinctive advantages for those who participate:

Investment Options

The plan offers 28 investment options including two values-based funds and 12 lifecycle index target date funds. Click here to view the list of funds offered.

Alliance Development Fund

The Orchard Alliance (formerly ADF) fixed income option pays a competitive interest rate compared to the fixed rate option in other plans. Therefore, your investment will assist in Kingdom-building work.

Housing Allowance for Clergy

When participating in a sponsored church plan, you may be eligible to reduce your taxable income—even after retirement. The Alliance 403(b) Retirement Plan is a “Church Plan” as recognized by the IRS. This means it may be possible for you to claim a ministerial housing allowance on your withdrawals. This benefit is not available with an IRA (individual retirement account) or most other plans. Only one set up as a Church Plan can offer this tax advantage.

Fiduciary Responsibility

With this plan, all fiduciary responsibility for the investment lineup is taken care of by The Alliance and the Investment Committee.

Low Fees

The plan allows you to benefit from the sheer volume of Alliance investors. This means it has high-quality investment options available at a low cost to the participant.


All employee and employer contributions are 100% vested. This means that all contributions are yours immediately, regardless of how long you’ve been a plan participant.

Consultants Available at No Cost

Our plan consultants, Strategic Financial Partners (SFP), understand the options our plan offers and will assist participants in developing a program that meets these objectives. This service is provided to participants at no additional cost.

Account Management

Accounts are administered through Empower Retirement, the second-largest retirement services provider in the United States.

2020 Plan Information:

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