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Alliance Family,

I hope this message finds each of you well. Today, I am reaching out to share an important update concerning our ongoing commitment to enhancing the healthcare options we provide to our community. It is crucial for us to keep you informed about the changes and improvements we are implementing, ensuring that our actions align with our commitment to serve your needs effectively.

Listening and Taking Action
We’ve heard your concerns regarding the First Health network. Let me assure you, it wasn’t just you facing these challenges; our team has also felt the impact of our network choice. We’ve been working tirelessly to address these issues and find a better solution for you. I want to extend my apologies for the difficulties you’ve encountered in the first part of this year.

Transition to Aetna
I’m pleased to announce that, effective June 1st, we are transitioning our provider networks from First Health to Aetna. This change comes after realizing that many providers, participating in 2023, ended their contracts with First Health at the end of the year. Such occurrences are common during contract discussions; however, they underline the need for a more stable and reliable network for our Alliance Family.

What This Means for You
You will receive a new ID Card listing Aetna, replacing First Health. We understand some may feel this transition could have happened sooner. There were necessary actions we needed to address before making this significant change. Rest assured, we are dedicated to ensuring this new plan aligns with our vision of offering a top-notch health plan for you and our Alliance Family.

This announcement is the first of many communications you will receive to ensure everyone is well-informed about this change. Your perseverance and willingness to navigate these challenges with us have been remarkable, and I deeply appreciate your understanding and support.

Thank You for Your Grace and Understanding
Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve you. Your trust in us is something we never take for granted. We are committed to providing you with the best possible healthcare options and support.

Gratefully serving you,

David Peppers

Executive Director of Alliance Benefits