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Did you know that an untreated cavity can cost you more than $6,000 over the course of your lifetime? Untreated, often preventable oral diseases send more than 2.1 million Americans to the emergency room each year, costing the health care system $1.9 billion annually. The good news is that cavities and periodontal disease are nearly 100% preventable. The Alliance Health Plan uses the nation’s largest provider of dental insurance, Delta Dental, to offer not only outstanding care for participants, but also additional ways to keep costs down.

Delta Dental gives Alliance Health Plan members the PPO plus Premier plan. As a member, you and your family may visit any licensed provider. However, you will receive the most significant out-of-pocket savings if you see a Delta Dental PPO provider.

Advantages of the Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier Plan:


Delta Dental providers offer our members the greatest savings and protection from balance-billing for covered services. That means they can’t bill you for the difference between what they usually charge and the amount they’ve agreed to charge Delta Dental members. You can also ask your provider to submit a pre-determination estimate. Delta Dental will review the treatment plan and tell your provider how much you’d be responsible for so you’ll have a clear understanding of the cost before treatment.


If you choose to visit a Delta Dental Premier® provider, you’ll still save money because Premier providers also accept discounted fees (however, discounts are not as great as if you see a PPO provider).


Delta Dental covers more than 80 million Americans, offering the largest dental network with approximately 157,000 participating providers nationwide. Network providers file claims directly with Delta Dental on your behalf and accept Delta Dental’s reimbursement in full.

It pays to use Delta Dental network providers—especially those in our PPO network. To find a participating provider or to see if your current provider is in the network, visit our website at and use the Find a Dentist search tool.

You can also contact our customer service department, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mountain Time, at [email protected] or (800) 610-0201.

Additional Member Benefits

With the Alliance Health Plan, a participating employee and their spouse (if applicable) will earn 25 incentive points toward their annual HSA reward dollars goal for completing a dental wellness exam. As a reminder, once the questionnaire and 200 annual incentive points are achieved (200 points for employee only and 200+200 points for employee and spouse), the following HSA dollar amounts will credit to the employee’s account:

  • $250 for employee-only plan
  • $500 for employee + children plan
  • $500 for employee + spouse plan
  • $500 for a family plan

Your dental and vision wellness exams will need to be self-reported through your Workpartners wellness account to receive the 25 incentive reward points. Here is a helpful flyer to walk you through the self-reporting steps and track your progress!

Delta Dental is the nation’s leading provider of dental insurance. Including our Alliance Health Plan participants, they serve more than 80 million Americans, protecting more smiles than any other dental insurance company, with the largest network of dentists nationwide, quick answers and personalized service.