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Alliance Family,

As the new Executive Director of the Alliance Health Plan, I am excited to announce some important updates to your health plan that will provide you with more options and flexibility. These changes are designed to help you save money, get better care, and improve your overall health and well-being. At Alliance Health Benefits, we believe we are Healthier Together.

Introducing the Bronze Plan:
We are introducing a new plan called the Bronze Plan, which offers a significantly lower premium, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious individuals and families. Unlike the Silver family plan, the Bronze Plan has an individual deductible, and once an individual meets their deductible, they enter the out-of-pocket phase. The rest of the family continues to contribute until the family out-of-pocket maximum is reached. Here are the key details:

Individual Deductible: $7,000
Family Deductible: $14,000
Individual Out-of-Pocket Maximum: $8,050
Family Out-of-Pocket Maximum: $16,100

Enhanced Vendor Partnerships
We are also updating our vendor partnerships to enhance your experience. Our new partners, Allied Benefit, MedOne, and First Health, will provide you with excellent healthcare solutions, including prescription services and a wide range of healthcare providers for your convenience.

Exciting HSA Updates

For those considering the Bronze Plan, we have an exciting change to our Health Savings Account (HSA) offering. New members to the Bronze Plan will receive a one-time contribution from Alliance Benefits. This money can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses, and it is optional for health employers to contribute.

Individual Plan: $250
Family Plan: $500

If you’re already on the plan and decide to switch from Silver to Bronze, you can continue to contribute to your existing HSA. Your employer does not have to contribute to your HSA in the Bronze plan, however they can if they choose.

We hope that these changes offer you more choices and cost-saving opportunities. We are committed to your well-being and are here to support you through these transitions.

To learn more about these changes, please watch the video below where I explain the changes in more detail. You can also contact our customer service team anytime with any questions or concerns.

Alliance Health Plan Updates 2024

Thank you for being a part of the Alliance Health Plan. We are confident that these changes will help you get the care you need and deserve, and we look forward to serving you in 2024. Remember, we are Healthier Together.

With Gratitude,

David Peppers
Executive Director, Alliance Benefits