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Did you know that Lively HSA offers Alliance Domestic Health Plan members personalized investing made simple? Whether you are a novice or seasoned investor, Lively’s integrated investment solutions enable you to build and manage your portfolio with ease. So you can confidently maximize the benefits of your HSA.

  • No minimum balance – have a say in how much of your funds to invest, instead of incurring opportunity costs to meet a threshold.
  • Automated transfers – set up recurring or sweep transfers to shorten your to-do list and keep building toward your goals.
  • Online or on the go – stay on top of investment activity no matter where you are, directly from your Lively account.

Lively offers members an option to invest through a self-directed brokerage account or in an HSA guided portfolio:

Self-Directed Brokerage Account

TD Ameritrade’s Self-Directed Brokerage Account gives you the freedom to design your portfolio to align with your investment strategy. And the integrated experience means you can manage and optimize your portfolio performance seamlessly.

  • Enjoy $0 commissions for online trading of US exchange listed stocks
  • Access a wide variety of investment options, including individual stocks, bonds, CDs, over 350 commission-free ETFs, and more than 13,000 mutual funds
  • Grant your financial advisor access to your portfolio by completing an “Advisor Authorization Form”

There is no access fee or cash minimum required to invest with a Self-Directed Brokerage Account. Additional TD Ameritrade fees may apply. View TD Ameritrade fee schedule here and full disclosures here.

HSA Guided Portfolio

HSA Guided Portfolio by Devenir, a national leader in investment solutions for health-based accounts, provides personalized portfolio mix suggestions based on your risk preferences and time horizon.

  • Choose from a curated menu of high-quality, low cost funds across asset classes
  • Enable automated rebalancing to keep your portfolio on track toward your goals
  • Maximize long-term returns through a low maintenance investing strategy

There is no cash minimum required to invest with HSA Guided Portfolio. A 0.50% annual fee applies for invested assets. View fund list here.

Start Investing with Your First Dollar

Alliance Domestic Health Plan members can put their money to work as soon as they fund their HSA, with thoughtfully-designed and affordable investment solutions. For more information on how to start investing, visit, and log into your account today!

Lively, the #1 user-rated HSA provider, currently administers health savings accounts for Alliance Health Plan participants. Their team is dedicated and passionate about simplifying and improving how people save and spend their healthcare funds. They put customers’ needs first, providing exceptional customer support and bringing HSAs into the modern era. Lively’s goal is to make it easy to save on the costs of healthcare today and plan for the costs of tomorrow.