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After the challenges we all faced in 2020, it’s important to start the new year on the right foot—by setting health and wellness goals for ourselves. If you didn’t stick to last year’s plans, don’t worry about it! Focus instead on getting back on track in 2021.

Here’s some advice that will help you set achievable goals and make a positive impact on your health:

1. Be realistic

Set reasonable goals that you know you can achieve through hard work. For example, don’t set a target of finishing a marathon if you’ve never tried jogging before. Start with a goal of running three times a week and build from there.

2. Write it down

Don’t just say what you want to achieve—write it down. List your goals and how you plan to realize them. Put post-it notes on your desk and add reminders to your phone, so your objectives are always in mind.

3. Track your progress

As you work toward your goal, schedule regular check-ins. This is a way to measure your success and determine if you’re on the right path or need to change things up to stay on course. Keep a written record of your progress to inspire you.

4. Break it up

If you set a goal in January that you can’t reach until December, you may struggle to stay motivated through twelve months of striving. Split it up into smaller, more manageable steps that bring you closer and closer to your ultimate goal.

5. Stick with it

If reaching your objectives in the time frame you set seems impossible, don’t give up! Remember that every step you take toward your goal can bring meaningful improvement, and there’s no time limit on achieving better health.

We’d like to help you make healthful changes this year. If you don’t know where to start, call or email us today, we’re here to help!

Call: (800) 355-0885, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Central Standard Time)

Email: [email protected]

Who is KnovaSolutions?

KnovaSolutions® is a clinical prevention service to help Alliance Health Plan members better understand and manage their medical care, treatments, and medications via telephone and email. The KnovaSolutions clinical team focuses on the member as a whole, not just the health complications they may be facing, by providing access to health information and support in making the best health decisions possible.

If you are eligible for our services, KnovaSolutions will send you an introductory letter and set up a consultation with a clinical support nurse. This program is voluntary and member-driven. You decide if, when, and how often you want to connect with your team. The services are secure, confidential, and customized to fit your individual needs.

What our health plan members are saying about KnovaSolutions

“I like being able to talk freely to someone about my health and medical concerns. At appointments with my physician, I can discuss a few specific things within the time allotted but with the nurse from KnovaSolutions, I can discuss anything without time limits. I often have follow-up questions after appointments with my physician that the KnovaSolutions nurse can address. The KnovaSolutions nurse is able to encourage me in my quest for better health and provide information and know-how in order to accomplish my goals. The KnovaSolutions nurse is kind and encouraging about my health without being confrontational. She feels like a caring friend or relative with a nursing degree.” —Alliance Health Plan member

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