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Most Americans’ (48%) are in a state of financial stability, with 16% surviving and 36% thriving. 

Despite a decline in the stated savings amount Americans need to be financially healthy, fewer are reaching their targeted amount. Over half of Americans (51%) say $100,000 is the savings amount needed to be financially healthy (down 9% from Q1 2021), but 10% fewer say they have achieved their savings goal. 

Every decision we make today will determine how we live in retirement.

Take this short quiz to get a better understanding of where you stand and what you may need to do to take control of your financial future. 

Creating a Path forward to financially thriving. 

Despite a decrease in overall financial confidence, Americans are optimistic in their ability to achieve these three financial milestones 1: 

1. Achieving personal savings goals 

2. Ability to build emergency savings 

3. Ability to plan for retirement 

Use this worksheet to define your own personal short term and long-term financial goals.

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 Wealth & Wellness Index. Harris Poll January 2022 Survey. 

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