September 18, 2019

Saving Together

Unpredictability—here on earth it’s the one thing about the future we can all agree on. Day-to-day challenges keep most churches and ministries struggling to keep up, let alone thinking ahead to the future. For some, retirement may seem like a long way off. For others, it is just around the corner. Regardless, saving for retirement [...]

August 7, 2019

Economic Commentary

Due to some of the market gyration recently and the particularly downtrodden doom-and-gloom headlines this week, we all need a dose of fundamental perspective about our economy. Enjoy the short communication below! The U.S. Consumer Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the measure of all economic activity over a certain period of time and is the [...]

July 30, 2019

Know Your Limits

Did you know you are limited to how much you can contribute to the Alliance 403(b) Retirement Plan each calendar year? You’re also limited to how much you can put into your Alliance Health Savings Account (HSA). The IRS sets contribution limits to all kinds of retirement and savings plans, and the Alliance plans are [...]

July 16, 2019

Road Trip to Retirement

I’m sure the last time you were on a road trip you likely used some form of GPS to tell you right where you were. It may have even told you how far you had to go and what time you would likely arrive or if there was an accident ahead, right? Wouldn’t it be [...]

June 18, 2019

Benefits in the News

Alliance Benefits is committed to bringing you important updates from around the benefits world as it pertains to our Alliance family. Two recent items in the news are good examples of policy and legislation that could positively impact our plans and our community. For those participating in the Alliance Health Plan, you may be interested [...]

May 22, 2019

Council Week

This weekend, like most Americans, you will hopefully be enjoying your 3-day weekend and, very rightfully, remembering and honoring those who gave their lives for our country as part of your Memorial Day celebrations. While we will most certainly be joining you in that, many of your Alliance Benefits team members will also be preparing [...]

May 7, 2019

Brief Market Comment

The below visual is a great illustration of how many perceived market “crises” and headline-important events occur over a relatively short time period.  We are constantly inundated by news headlines that foretell disaster and calamities, all intended to strike the fear chord thereby attracting more viewers/readers/listeners; good news and positive information unfortunately just doesn’t sell.  [...]

April 16, 2019

A Heartfelt Thank You

In reality, salvation was bought not by Jesus’ fist, but by His nail-pierced hands; not by muscle but by love; not by vengeance but by forgiveness; not by force but by sacrifice. ― A.W. Tozer, Preparing for Jesus’ Return: Daily Live the Blessed Hope As we reflect this week on Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and the gift of [...]

April 3, 2019

ALERT: Pastors and Churches Win Major Victory in Housing Allowance Court Case

On March 15th, our Alliance Official Workers were the recipients of some very welcomed news related to a highly critical court case that has jeopardized a major tax benefit for our ministers over the last several years.  The U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously reversed a 2017 ruling from the lower district court that [...]

March 29, 2019

Brief Market Comment

Throughout the year we will attend a few high-quality educational conventions. We thought you might enjoy a sampling of some of the interesting data discussed. We will unpack two brief topics:  A Case for Staying Invested There were 672 months from 1/1/62 to 12/31/18. The S&P500 which represents 500 publicly traded companies as a general [...]

March 1, 2019

Going Mobile with Your Benefits

Back in the year 2012, it was predicted that “In 2020…there will be a widespread belief that the World Wide Web will be less important and useful than in the past and apps will be the dominant factor in people’s lives.” Pew Research Internet Project The mobile era is here. The number of app users [...]

February 21, 2019

Church Treasurer Tips: Processing 403(b) Roth Type Employee Contributions

We here at Alliance Benefits are proud to be able to offer an excellent retirement 403(b)(9) church plan that helps take care of our pastors and staff with their retirement needs. One nice option the Alliance 403(b) plan offers is Roth employee contributions. If that option is chosen however, be sure to know how to [...]

January 31, 2019

Updating Your Beneficiaries: Why It Matters

Do you know who your beneficiaries are? With Alliance Benefits, this would include any life insurance, health savings account (HSA), or 403(b) retirement account you are currently enrolled in. For many people, naming beneficiaries happens when first setting up the account or policy. However, when life changes occur (birth, marriage, death, etc.), you may find [...]

November 1, 2017

Joining Together For Lower Fees

We are better together, and can realize far greater success when we work together to reach our common goals (or in some cases our uncommon goals) as we partner for His Kingdom. Planning for retirement is certainly a goal we all share. We want our Alliance family to be aware of every opportunity: by joining [...]

May 24, 2017

Top Tax Errors to Avoid

Alliance Benefits would like to make you aware of common tax errors to avoid. We are deeply grateful for our skilled and conscientious church treasurers who work so hard. Forms and reporting may seem mundane, but this vital “staying with the baggage” ministry helps to protect the church and pastor financially and legally. (see I Samuel [...]