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Making healthy lifestyle changes is easier when you have a team to support you. Working alongside your family members can help you build healthy habits and motivate everyone else to stick to those habits. Here are a few ways to help your family enjoy a healthier lifestyle:

Cook and eat together. Mealtimes are great bonding opportunities. They also give you the chance to work together to prepare and enjoy more nutritious foods. Skip processed foods and focus on preparing meals with fresh vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Sit down together and enjoy what you’ve prepared. Talk about your day instead of wolfing down dinner in front of the TV.

Be active. Schedule times for the whole family to get moving together! Go for a walk after dinner, head out on a weekend hike, or have a dance party in the living room. Make physical activity a regular—and fun—part of the day.

Take turns. You might take the lead when it comes to living healthy, but make sure everyone has a chance to make their voice heard. Let your kids decide what to have for dinner a few nights a week. Let them choose a fun outdoor activity to do as a family. Encourage them to think about what it means to live a healthy life and develop their ideas to share.

Limit screen time. This one is for kids and grownups. Schedule “screen times,” during which phones, computers, and tablets are allowed. Keep your devices in a designated area during all other activities—and make sure you’re not using screens too close to bedtime. The light from screens can affect sleep patterns, so make sure you put these devices away an hour before heading to bed. These simple steps can help your family live healthier while bringing you all closer together.

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