November 19, 2020

New and Updated Online Resources

By Crista Murray, Alliance Benefits

An essential goal of Alliance Benefits is to provide our members with great resources that are not only beneficial but current and easy to navigate. We’ve been busy updating and creating content on our website relating to the health and retirement plans, Medicare, and Spanish materials. We understand that finding information, especially regarding your available benefits, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We hope these resources are useful, help you quickly find what you need, and become a good reference point in the future. Be sure to check them out!

Where can I find these Resources?

You can find health plan, retirement plan, and Medicare details by clicking on the Resources option, located on our website’s top menu bar.

Health Plan Details –

Retirement Plan Details –

Medicare Resources –

Spanish Resources –

You can find Spanish details by clicking on the Español option, located on our website’s bottom menu bar.

Online Pricing Tool –

Last but not least, we’ve updated our online health plan pricing tool. A church or employer can see what premiums will look like in 2021, considering any loyalty reward discounts, HSA contributions going back to the employee, and then request an email with the results.

If you’re looking for something specific, like an archived blog post, etc., we’ve also recently added a search menu option for easier access. We say this often but can’t say it enough; please feel free to contact Alliance Benefits if any questions come up. We can even connect you directly with a team member who is fluent in Spanish if you prefer. Regardless, we’ll be glad to help and consider it an honor to serve you!


Crista Murray joined Alliance Benefits in June 2009 and has been with The Christian and Missionary Alliance for almost twenty years. She is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the day-to-day execution of marketing strategies and communication efforts for both the health and retirement plans.

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