September 30, 2020

Our Consultants Have a New Name!

By Alliance Benefits

We are excited to announce that your 403(b)-retirement plan consulting team, formerly under the name of Strategic Financial Partners, has branched out and created a new firm—Steadfast Wealth Co.!

While the firm name is different, access to the same advisors and associates you have grown to know and respect over the years remains. Steadfast Wealth Co. is committed to offering world-class customized retirement plan services to organizations like The Alliance. In many ways, this change will allow an even stronger and primary focus on helping plan participants reach successful retirement outcomes.

There is also now a convenient and efficient way to contact their team of advisors by email. Please send your question or request to, and one of their associates will be in touch with you shortly.

They look forward to connecting and sharing more of their story with you.

Why the Name Steadfast?

Steadfast is a word that describes the ideal temperament for navigating your unique financial journey—a journey filled with inevitable peaks and valleys, serenity, and storms.

Their Mission

As we all work, plan, and invest in improving our financial wellbeing, we face constant negativity, fear-filled headlines, and uncertainty. Facing these challenges is almost impossible alone. Steadfast Wealth Co.’s mission is to drive financial outcomes in your life, not just investment returns so that you can put your energy towards something more significant than money. They will stand by you, helping you to navigate through the complexities of the ever-changing financial markets.

Most importantly, they listen and take the time to understand your situation, ensuring a plan is suited just for you.

Purposeful Work

With over 100 years of combined experience in financial services, the Steadfast Team offers a full breadth of financial services customized to you, so you can see your vision and life’s purpose become a reality.

For more information, we encourage you to visit their website at

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