September 2, 2020

The Safest Way to Pay With Your HSA

By Lively, Health Savings Account (HSA) Provider

Your HSA is the ticket to reducing out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, and your debit card is the safest (with liability protection) and the easiest way to make payments. Here are a few tips for using your card:

  • Pay with your card at the provider only when your portion of the expense is clear (the pharmacy is a great example).
  • Wait for an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for any expense that needs to be run through insurance (most do); this will ensure that you’re paying only the portion you owe.
  • Write your debit card number directly onto the bill payment slip after you verify the expense matches your EOB. Don’t pay until your insurance processes the claim.

Need a Reminder of What Qualifies?

More than medical expenses qualify for payment with your HSA. Vision, dental, chiropractic, and acupuncture services do as well.

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Calculate Potential Savings

Everyone who understands the virtues of a health savings account (including Lively), touts both the triple tax benefits of an HSA and how much money you can potentially save over the course of a lifetime when making regular maximum contributions.

While this information is useful, it doesn’t give you any concrete idea of how much money you can save.

Lively’s HSA calculator takes all of your pertinent data, crunches it together, and gives you a much more useful picture of the financial benefits provided by a health savings account.

We’ve put together a pretty simple and illustrative calculator to help you get a sense for what your HSA can look like – all you need to do is adjust the levers so you can see the impact it will have on your funds over time.

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Maximizing Your HSA Contributions

Our step-by-step HSA contribution and eligibility calculator outlines your maximum annual HSA contribution options based on IRS regulations. We hope you will leave with a clear(er) understanding of your HSA options.

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Ready to Invest?

You’ve decided you’re ready or would like more information on investing some or all of your HSA dollars. Lively’s integrated solutions provide the flexibility and simplicity you need to build toward your long-term financial goals. And you don’t have to worry about meeting a minimum threshold to get started.

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Lively, the #1 user-rated HSA provider, currently administers health savings accounts for Alliance Health Plan participants. Their team is dedicated and passionate about simplifying and improving how people save and spend their healthcare funds. They put customers’ needs first, providing exceptional customer support and bringing HSAs into the modern era. Lively’s goal is to make it easy to save on the costs of healthcare today and plan for the costs of tomorrow.

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