March 17, 2020

Market Comment

By Joel Malick, Steadfast Wealth Co.

In my humble opinion, “perspective” is one of the most elusive human mindsets. Even normal everyday life tends to grind us down to ground zero and we can find ourselves frustrated with even the smallest of issues. Then, we encounter more acute moments that vault us into dangerous mental territory. Under either scenario, minor or major, getting our perspective back is so challenging. I’m uber aware of this thanks to my day job. At home, I have a little exercise room that’s lined with important quotes or sayings that I’ve picked up along the way, there’s nothing quite like a heaping dose of truth to thwart a wayward mind. After a short workout and some quote pondering, I feel like a new person…I’m back in perspective and armed with the fortitude to tackle the next challenge.

We don’t intend to bombard you with communications, but we also understand that perspective needs to be fought for in life and in investing. We also know the media is completely out of control. Can you just see them waking up each morning with a huge grin on their faces whispering in the mirror…. “time to spread some fear today!” Below you’ll see the expansions scaled alongside the recessions. Certainly, the yellow isn’t fun, but it’s necessary to get through so we can experience the blue. Yes, this market may get worse, but hold tight, the blue is coming.

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Joel Malick currently maintains the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) and Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®) designations. Joel and his team at Strategic Financial Partners recognize that running this race for the long term is one of the greatest challenges you’ll face in your lifetime.  Thus, they combine critical planning and investment strategies with real-life perspectives. Their consultation is provided at no additional cost to 403(b) Alliance Retirement Plan participants.

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