October 16, 2019

Open Enrollment

By Curtis Farmer, Alliance Benefits

“We chose the Alliance Health Plan to avoid major premium increases. This is a win-win, since this savings enables us to better fund our staff and ministries and reach more people with the gospel! As a bonus, the Alliance Benefits team puts our minds at ease because of their knowledge and responsiveness to any questions we have.”
—Christ Community Church, Omaha, Nebraska

One of the many privileges of working with the Alliance Benefits team and the greater Alliance family is seeing God’s goodness displayed in the lives of His people. His faithfulness has been evident as we interact with you and the various ministries you support. As I’ve traveled throughout our districts these past two years, I’ve heard many stories of how God has used the Alliance Health Plan in times of need. Some of you have shared those stories with our staff or on our blog. I am so thankful that God is our Healer and Provider.

Open Enrollment is just around the corner and we want to provide you with details regarding the Alliance Health Plan. We encourage you to visit the open enrollment section of our website for 2020 details including the benefit summary guide, health plan rates, or to use our “get a quote” tool for estimated monthly premium costs.

If not yet enrolled, we hope you will consider the advantages of participating in the Alliance Health Plan. We are excited to offer and serve you with a plan based on biblical values that align with our sanctity of life worldview, dollars that stay in the Alliance family to care for your fellow pastors and staff members, and coverage available to you regardless of your circumstances or preexisting health conditions. We also recognize that health-care costs are a large part of employer budgets, and we strive to deliver as much value as we can for those dollars by creating a full benefits package.

If you have any questions or should need more information, please reach out to your Alliance Benefits team by calling (800) 700-2651 or emailing We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!

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Curtis joined as Director for Alliance Benefits in September of 2017. He is responsible for the overall administration and direction of all aspects of Alliance Benefits, including the health and retirement plans for Alliance workers in the United States and internationally. His desire is to serve our districts and churches in helping to care for our pastors and staff.

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