October 4, 2019

Thriving Together

By Beth Knight-Pinneo, Alliance Benefits

Around this time of the year, many of our churches are reviewing employee benefits and considering whether to stay with their current health plan or move to a new one. Alliance Benefits understands the difficult decisions churches have in balancing cost while also trying to accommodate and provide a complete benefit solution for their employees. We are grateful for the many churches that have participated and continue to participate in the Alliance plan year after year. If you’re wondering if the Alliance Health Plan might be right for your employees, here are a few key factors that drive the decisions of our participating churches:

Rate stability:
For 2020, our rate increase will be less than 3%. This is the third year in a row for a rate increase under 5%. Our Loyalty Reward discount program also continues for the 3rd year in a row. Most of our churches have partnered with the Alliance Health Plan for three years or longer, so they are eligible for the maximum discount.

One stop shopping:
Our plan is unique in today’s market and is a one-stop shop! Our premium plan option is a bundled package providing employees with the following coverage: medical, employer-funded health savings account (HSA) satisfying half of the annual deductible, telemedicine services, prescription, dental, vision, life insurance, travel and employee assistance programs, and long-term disability insurance. For additional information about the importance of disability insurance, be sure to read one of our recent blog posts here.

We also offer voluntary supplemental products under a group discounted rate. These products complement the Alliance plan by offering solutions to help pay for unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

Unlike ministry cost-sharing programs, the Alliance Health Plan covers preexisting conditions without any lifetime or annual maximums. We also have an extensive list of preventive care and medications that are covered at 100% with no cost to the member.

Alliance family loyalty:
With any insurance plan, your premiums are being used to pay the claims of other plan members. With the Alliance plan, your premiums are being used to pay the claims of other Alliance pastors or employees. Since our plan is self-funded, your premiums go directly to help Alliance family members and, as a ministry organization, a very low margin is spent on administrative costs.

Alliance family service:
No one enjoys calling their insurance company about a claim. But those who have contacted Alliance Benefits consistently express appreciation for the way in which calls are handled: receiving clear information expressed in a compassionate, caring manner.

Access to Expertise:
The Alliance Benefits team members are dedicated professionals equipped to serving the needs of churches and participants. In addition to our customer care representative and our benefits consultants who are ready and willing to assist you, we also utilize highly-skilled third-party consultants and attorneys as resources on your behalf. As complex issues arise, we are equipped to help you navigate the ever-changing world of health care.

Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Family:
Because the Alliance Health Plan is a church plan, we can legally exclude coverage for abortion and abortifacient drugs. If your church is purchasing coverage elsewhere, most likely these items are being paid for by your premium dollars.

The Alliance plan includes counseling services at levels not typical under most health plans. Marriage and family counseling services are covered while most plans require that this benefit be related to a specific medical diagnosis.

Because this plan is Alliance-led, Alliance-financed, and Alliance-administered, the values run deep, not only for specific values-related discussions, but by the prayerful, Spirit-led way in which all plan decisions are made. Every spreadsheet represents people we know and love, and it’s our joy to serve Alliance pastors and employees like you and your church!


Beth joined Alliance Benefits in January 2001. In her role as Benefits Consultant, she focuses on building relationships with churches and districts, and assisting with Health Plan and 403(b) questions. She is assigned to serve the churches and districts in the Western and Southern US, and the multi-cultural districts.

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