June 24, 2019

A Testimony of Thanksgiving

By Brian Gowing, current health plan member

“Your wife needs to go to the emergency room,” the paramedics told me. These are words you never want to hear when you’re 1,500 miles apart. I was at home in Michigan and Debbie was in Colorado. After rushing to find flights, my son and I found Debbie in the ER experiencing multiple system failures. The doctors were saying that she may not make it. Disoriented, her lungs were filling up with fluid, her blood sugar was astronomical, her pulse was very weak, and the doctors couldn’t understand why. They decided to transfer her to a pulmonary hospital by an advanced life support ambulance. They determined that Debbie experienced a mild heart attack caused by a 90% blockage in 3 major heart arteries. The doctors aggressively treated her and, once under control, was transferred again by an advanced life support ambulance to the ICU in a cardio specialty hospital. Come to find out later, this is one of the best hospitals in the country.

The surgeons performed a heart catheterization by putting in 5 stents to open her major artery. Debbie turned the corner and started to recover quickly. At this point, the doctors felt comfortable enough for her to return home and continue her treatment and remaining care in Michigan.

We’re happy to report that Debbie is feeling as good as she’s felt in years! Over the course of this health crisis, Debbie had many tests and procedures done by over 30 different doctors, specialists, and nurses.  There was no worry for her as the patient about what would or would not be covered during this crisis.

Thanks to the Alliance Health Plan, we knew that we had good benefit coverage and didn’t have to worry about the quality of care that would be given. The Alliance Health Plan allowed us to receive the best of care without being concerned about being nickel and dimed for every type of treatment like some other plans do. While the monthly cost and the HSA amount might seem high, there is the peace of mind knowing that the Alliance Health Plan will do their absolute best to give attention to any problems we run into along the way. This is priceless and worth every penny. When you compare this plan’s coverage to others, especially under the Obamacare plans, you find that the Alliance Health Plan covers more than most other policies.

We have no doubt that if we would have had a lesser health plan during this time, the result would not have been as positive as it was. Not having to worry about which hospital accepts our coverage no matter what state we are in is incredibly valuable. We are thankful that the Alliance has chosen to continue to offer this valuable plan to the Alliance family. To God be the Glory!


Brian Gowing is the Business and Technology Manager at the Great Lakes District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. He and his wife Debbie currently live in Whitehouse, Ohio and have been Alliance Health Plan participants since 2011.

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